Company intro

METAPLE BIO for Z-technology in future and 
for Z-generation with infinite potentials 

METAPLE BIO is essentially a technology-oriented company which is founded to pursuit creative capitals and synergies regarding unique technologies of METAPLE BIO. Creative researches and developments from the initial stages to commercialization including the approval of patents will be supported by METAPLE BIO.

Intellectual properties regarding patents have been of importance in the world, which can protect inventor’s original rights and ideas, develop the technical industry successfully, and make financial profits consequently. The influence of patents on the modern life and technology has been beyond expectation. It is necessary to consider much time, effort, and financial investment from the beginning of researches to the approval stage of patents. It is not easy to determine valuable research outcomes which can successively provide economics benefit through commercialization.

METAPLE BIO will financially support universities, research institutes, and ventures by alliancing and establishing strategic partnership and improve the Intellectual properties systematically. METAPLE BIO is optimize mutual relationship and interest by effectively and flexibly connecting technologies and patents through purchasing and licensing agreements with universities, research institutes, and companies. METAPLE BIO can directly make an investment in invention capital to enhance significant synergies in the business area by integrating the relative technologies and patents.