Optical distributed sensor

METAPLE BIO includes key technologies for realization of distributed fiber-optic sensing systems which is named for ZFOS. ZFOS is capable of measuring various external perturbations, such as temperature, strain, etc., by means of optical fibres functioning as linear sensors.  

ZFOS has various applications including continuous monitoring of pipelines for unwanted interference and for leaks or flow irregularities; monitoring roads, borders, and other sensitive perimeters for unusual activity; and even oil well monitoring applications where the technology allows the state of the well all along its length to be determined in real-time.

The ability of ZFOS to operate in harsh environments makes ZFOS especially well-suited for situations in which typical sensing systems are unusable or impractical due to environmental conditions including energy storage system (ESS) and large area solar panels.  

The long range of ZFOS is applied to seismic sensing, which can detect earthquakes thousands of kilometers away.